About Us


Kong came from a traditional Asian family that valued introverted social habits. This trait carried over and very apparent in Kong's early life as he lacked the confidence to approach not only girls, but people as well. Then he stumbled upon an online forum where guys shared dating advice. Incidentally, this is how he met Jesse. Throughout the years he learned you can be introverted and yet still be very successful when picking up girls. Once Kong let go of his self-consciousness, he discovered how to have fun and be himself.


Jesse started out as an over-weight, cake eating, and very anti-social computer gamer. In the hopes of getting a girlfriend he motivated himself to eat healthier and exercise to lose his fat. Then, he embarked on a mission to improve his social skills by taking public speaking classes and pushing himself to talk to girls. Jesse didn't wait around for his problems to disappear; he actively sought solutions and ways to improve his life. This is the philosophy he holds and teaches others today.


Jason started his career in Pick Up after his relationship, of two years, ended. Jason was so accustomed to girls asking him out - that he had a difficult time pursuing and attracting random girls. However, once he met and befriended Jesse and Kong he soon was taught that he had the choice to pick up any girl he bumped into. Jason was a quick learner and has proven that the only thing limiting your success is your spirit, excuses, and the fear of change.