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Pickup is NOT what you think it is…

Let me explain… There’s been a LOT of controversy about pickup and male-female dynamics lately, with some really big misconceptions that have gone viral: Someone on YouTube went around grabbing girls’ butts. A woman walked down the streets of New York City and got “harassed”. A “pick up artist” decided it was a good idea […]

How to Send an Opening Text on Tinder

You asked for it, so I’m delivering. This week I’m going to show you how to craft an opening message on Tinder.

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5 Proven Tinder Photo Tricks to Guarantee Matches

In my previous article, I outlined the 7 biggest mistakes men make when selecting a main Tinder photo. Today, I’m going to teach you build an effective Tinder photo album to get you more matches.

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7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Choosing a Tinder Photo

Tinder appeals to a base level of attraction. If hot, swipe right. If not, swipe left. After seeing pictures of the women I’ve met from Tinder, the guys of Simple Pickup have tapped me to write a series of articles sharing some insight and secrets I’ve learned along the way.

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10 Reasons To Learn Mixology

1. Turn her on. Nothing turns a girl on more than a confident man who knows how to create a heavenly drink.

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How To Get Along With Your Girlfriend’s Family

This post is specifically for those men out there who want to impress their girlfriend’s family. In most cases, having great rapport and a relationship with your girlfriend’s parents are good things. Usually it means you’ll be together longer and the relationship will be stronger because it creates less stress for her to keep you […]

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How To Pick The Right Girl

We’ve taught you what it takes to pickup girls, respond to her texts, and do all the necessary things to at least get her into your bed. But, the question we’ve yet to answer, a question that we get a lot is: “How do I know if she’s the girl for me? Well…

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How To Break Up With Her

You find a girl, approach her, go on a date, and soon fall into a relationship. But, what happens when you fall out of touch with her? In this article we tell you a few tactics to take when you want to break up with her. We’ve written this article for guys who need to break away from toxic relationships.

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Top 10 Mistakes Guys Make on a First Date

Many men these days are able to approach a girl, get her number, and ask her out on a date. However, it is during the date that they tend to make common mistakes. We’re going to tell you the top 10 mistakes men make on a first date.

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How To Hook Up With Your Co-Workers

There are many instances where you’re told that you’re not allowed to pickup your co-workers. However, you can’t help if she’s hot. So, we give you some careful tips to help you pickup your co-workers. Caution, we are not responsible if you get fired from your job.