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Thread: Starting my new life on 2014

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    Starting my new life on 2014

    I am so confused on picking up girls in school.

    Introduction : I am 17 / 2014. Still in HS. I don't know how to fap.

    I know Simple pickup through youtube by myself.

    My 2014 resolution :
    -Have an Awesome 2014
    -Invite a girl out
    -Kiss with a girl
    -Sleep with a girl
    -fully equip with pickup technique

    Achieve tittle :
    -make conversation with them

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    Dec 2013

    Today I fucking approach like crazy. Btw, Malaysian school girls always tend to stick together, so i mostly have to approach a set of 3-4.

    HB H.ying and HB K.ying
    The first 2 girls I approached in school with my friend.
    The 2 hb were sitting down together.
    I went to the opposite chair and sit on it.
    Me: Hi
    Hbs: hi. *stare at me*
    My friend walks away.
    I saw him walking away and follow him, while saying bye to them.
    I was like... nvmind.

    So later after class start, we had our physics lesson.
    I went to sit beside Hb h.ying.
    During that time, Teacher was doing an experiment on vibrations.
    and I ask her.
    Me: 1random question, do you use before a vibrator?
    She: No. Whats a vibrator? *stares at me.
    my friend: *Whisper to her ear, explaining what is it.*
    She: You're sick. Go away.
    She shift her seat away from mine.

    So, What did I do wrong?

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