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How To Break Up With Her

You find a girl, approach her, go on a date, and soon fall into a relationship. But, what happens when you fall out of touch with her? In this article we tell you a few tactics to take when you want to break up with her. We’ve written this article for guys who need to break away from toxic relationships.
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Top 10 Mistakes Guys Make on a First Date

Many men these days are able to approach a girl, get her number, and ask her out on a date. However, it is during the date that they tend to make common mistakes. We’re going to tell you the top 10 mistakes men make on a first date.
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How To Hook Up With Your Co-Workers

There are many instances where you’re told that you’re not allowed to pickup your co-workers. However, you can’t help if she’s hot. So, we give you some careful tips to help you pickup your co-workers. Caution, we are not responsible if you get fired from your job.
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How To Make Goals and Accomplish Them

This post goes far beyond pickup as goal setting is a universal thing that every guy should do regardless. Many guys don’t know how to do this and if they do, they don’t push themselves to accomplish them. I want to tell you the things that have worked for us.
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How To Keep Her Faithful

How do you keep her faithful? There are many steps one can take, internally and externally. to avoid being cheated on by their girl. We go over the mental aspect of it as well as the outward actions to make sure she doesn’t cheat on you: stays faithful
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Getting Her Number Without Saying A Word

You’re in a setting where you told you’re not to speak. However, there is a hot girl who sits next to you and all you want to do is ask for her number. So, how do you get her number without opening your mouth? It’s easy and quite fun…
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How To Deal With Girls Who Don’t Text Back

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about to deal with girls who don’t text back after the approach. Is it something I did before hand? Is there something else I’ve could’ve done? Is it a text I sent her that turned her off? In this article we explain how to get less unreturned texts from a girl.
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