Getting Her Number Without Saying A Word

You’re in a setting where you told you’re not to speak. However, there is a hot girl who sits next to you and all you want to do is ask for her number. So, how do you get her number without opening your mouth? It’s easy and quite fun…
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How To Deal With Girls Who Don’t Text Back

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about to deal with girls who don’t text back after the approach. Is it something I did before hand? Is there something else I’ve could’ve done? Is it a text I sent her that turned her off? In this article we explain how to get less unreturned texts from a girl.
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The Best Voicemails To Leave On A Girl’s Phone

Sometimes when you call a girl’s phone she’s too busy to answer so the phone goes to a voicemail message. Most guys are too scared to leave a voicemail message, but you’re not because you know what to do. In this article we explain best practices when leaving a voicemail message.
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How To Pick Up Girls at A Club {Part 4}

We’ve gone through a lot about club game, but there is so much to cover that we couldn’t just stop with three parts. In this rendition of club game we go over the concept of buying drinks and moving around in the club.
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How To Get The Girl Into Your Bed

Being an awesome lover is always a good thing, but to make it even happen you need to be able to get the girl in bed first. So, how do you do this? How do you make sure you’re invited into her room or, more importantly, get her to come inside your place? Well, we answer this question in one of our most in-depth article yet.
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How To Get Over A Girl

There are going to be girls in your life who you have dated, slept with, or met in and something happens where she drifts from your life (breaks your heart). Many times these girls are hard to get over, so we’ve developed a system to help you get through the pain.
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How To Get Sexually Physical With Her

The only way you’re going to get laid is if you have the balls enough to touch her. If you can’t be physical with her then don’t even bother thinking you’ll be able to get your penis inside her vagina. This article will give you a few tips on how to get physical with a hot girl.
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