How To Deal With Other Guys Trying To Pick Up Your Girl

Now that you got the girl, it doesn’t mean you’re done with your game. There will always be other guys trying to pick up your girl, come on she’s hot. In this article, we’ll let you know how to deal with these guys, or as we call them: cockblockers.
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How To Pick Up Girls at A Club {Part 3}

In this addition of club game, we go over dancing. It’s not for everybody but once you get it done it can greatly improve your chances of getting that hot girl in the club. Be prepared because this is not your normal routine, it’s mostly about having… fun.
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Making Your Relationship Last

You picked up the girl, but what now? Too many guys change themselves, stray away from the traits that got them the girl in the first place, etc. In this article we go over a few relationship tips we’ve learned to help your relationship thrive.
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How To Get Out Of The FriendZone

We’ve been getting asked a lot about how to turn a friend into a lover. We’ve been laying off because it’s not that simple as many of you think. But we’re finally answering this question, and just letting you know, it’s going to be a little harsh.
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How To Talk To Hot Girls

In this article we answer the question: how do you not get nervous around cute/hot girls? We tell you the reason why you get nervous around hot girls compared to average looking ones and then, how to talk to hot girls confidently.
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How To Get Laid On New Years

A New Year’s celebration is the only holiday where society requires us to be proactively sexual with other people. So surround yourself with hot girls and start off your new year with a bang: we mean this in the most literal sense.
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How To Break Silences During a First Date

A common question we get from guys: how do you avoid silences on first dates? This is a big concern because silences have an apparent assumption that the date isn’t going well. Therefore, we attack this issue first hand and tell you how to avoid silences on a first date.
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