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How To Not Give a Shit

How do you not give a shit about things? This is a common question many of you guys have asked us to write about. In this article we answer this question and provide a few exercises which can help you learn to DGAF.
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How To Make The Girl Love You

There are certain qualities that a man should have for a girl to love them. In this article we go over these traits as in-depth as we can. It’s a read that can start you on a path to becoming better than you are today.
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What to Do On a Second Date

Most articles and videos talk about the approach, the first interaction, and the first date. However, many do not talk about the dates afterwards. In this article we go over a few theories of what it takes to have a very successful second date.
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How To Deal With Other Guys Trying To Pick Up Your Girl

Now that you got the girl, it doesn’t mean you’re done with your game. There will always be other guys trying to pick up your girl, come on she’s hot. In this article, we’ll let you know how to deal with these guys, or as we call them: cockblockers.
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How To Pick Up Girls at A Club {Part 3}

In this addition of club game, we go over dancing. It’s not for everybody but once you get it done it can greatly improve your chances of getting that hot girl in the club. Be prepared because this is not your normal routine, it’s mostly about having… fun.
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Making Your Relationship Last

You picked up the girl, but what now? Too many guys change themselves, stray away from the traits that got them the girl in the first place, etc. In this article we go over a few relationship tips we’ve learned to help your relationship thrive.
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How To Get Out Of The FriendZone

We’ve been getting asked a lot about how to turn a friend into a lover. We’ve been laying off because it’s not that simple as many of you think. But we’re finally answering this question, and just letting you know, it’s going to be a little harsh.
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